The Versatile, Bright Limelite

  Many videographers and photographers are quickly deciding the LED 1×1 is their top choice for ease of set up, quality of light, and modular design. The Mosaic by Limelite is a 1×1 LED light fixture that creates an ultra bright soft even light. Pushing 2400 to 5200 LUX of high-quality light the Mosaic is … Continued

Uzi Megaphones: Firepower For Your Voice On Set

While on set, the need to get your voice heard is always a necessity. If you don’t want the sore throat in the morning, the use of a “bullhorn” or “megaphone” is essential. While the Fanon MV-20S megaphone has been the standard for the industry for quite a while now, there are times where you … Continued

Event Recap: Jody Eldred Seminar 07/24/10

On Saturday, July 24th, 2010, a room full of filmmakers gathered in the upper floor at Filmtools to meet, catch up, and learn together from one of the best cameramen and DPs in the news gathering world, Jody Eldred. As part of the Manfrotto Crossover Tour, Mr. Eldred took to the stage for a great … Continued

Rain Season is Upon Us! Be Prepared with Camera Rain Covers

Rain in California is as unpredictable as it is sporadic. That’s one of the reasons why all of our camera operators should always keep camera rain covers handy. But rain isn’t the only thing we’re up against when it comes to shooting outdoors. Camera covers are also useful for keeping dirt, dust, and sand from … Continued