Recap: Best of NAB Show at Filmtools!

Filmtools was buzzing on Saturday during the Best of NAB Show event at the store! Representatives from Scheneider Optics, Atomos, Convergent Design, AJA Video, Manfrotto, Libec, Matthews Studio Equipment, Chrosziel, Element Technica, Cam Caddie, Arri Media, Paralinx, & Redrock Micro were on hand to show off some of the newest and hottest products to come out … Continued

Filmtools Store Special: Filmtools Gripper 3025 Mount – In-Store Only!

The Filmtools Store Specials are in-store discounts for our customers! The store specials are chosen by our sales staff from suggestions they receive from our in-store customers, so we have no idea of what will be featured each week! We announce them every Tuesday and they will run through the following Monday. Watch for the Hashtag #FTStoreSpecial on Facebook, Twitter, and here on the Filmtools Blog. This week’s special is $10 off our … Continued

Video: Upcoming Events & NAB 2013 Recap!

  Filmtools met with many different manufacturers at NAB 2013 in Las Vegas, NV to learn about the latest tools coming out for filmmakers. Here’s a fun recap of what we saw: There are plenty of upcoming events featuring gear showcased at NAB and more: 1) FILMTOOLS BEST OF NAB 2013 OPEN HOUSE When: Saturday, … Continued

Canon Releases EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Update

EOS 5D Mark III Firmware Update Canon released their new firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark III this morning. This update has been expected for some time and it will be welcomed by all users.  Here are the details from Canon: The EOS 5D Mark III is a completely re-engineered DSLR camera that boasts … Continued

Canon Releases Cinema EOS C500 Menu Simulator

Canon obviously wants to help people learn how to use the Cinema EOS C500. Like with the Cinema EOS C300, Canon has released a Menu Simulator for the EOS C500. Just like the C300 version, the simulator is a virtual menu set up that gives you the chance to walk through the menus without the … Continued

Filmtools Store Special: TV Logic 5.6″ Acrylic Screen Protector – In-Store Only!

The Filmtools Store Specials are in-store discounts for our customers! The store specials are chosen by our sales staff from suggestions they receive from our in-store customers, so we have no idea of what will be featured each week! We announce them every Tuesday and they will run through the following Monday. Watch for the Hashtag #FTStoreSpecial on Facebook, Twitter, and here … Continued

Canon Announces XA20 & XA25, Gives You WiFi & 1080/60P

In another move leading up to NAB 2013, Canon has announced two cameras to cover the needs of the professional that need compact cameras with pro feature sets. Introducing the Canon XA20 & XA25 Ultra-Compact Professional Camcorders. First off, Canon heard the cries for 1080/60p from the masses and it looks like they’re finding ways … Continued

Video: NAB Show 2013: 10 Coolest Products at the Show!

NAB 2013 Recap: The Ten Coolest Products at the Show Every year, the biggest manufacturers in the industry come out to the NAB Show to showcase their hottest new products and start a buzz for video professionals and enthusiasts alike. This year was no exception as NAB 2013 brought a host of new products onto … Continued

Video: NAB 2013: Video Coverage of NAB 2013!

Couldn’t get to the show? Filmtools has you covered! Watch over 2 hours of spotlights on your favorite Filmtools vendors at the 2013 NAB Show! covered NAB 2013 with a Canon Cinema EOS C1oo, Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Microphones, LitePanels MicroPro Light, &, most importantly, Hoodman SDHC Steel Cards for their LIFETIME WARRANTY & Rugged durability. … Continued

Video: NAB Show 2013: ARRI PCA –

Hilary from ARRI went through the entire offering of ARRI Pro Camera Accessories at their booth: ARRI Camera Cage System ARRI LMB-6 Mattebox ARRI F5/F55 Pro Camera Accessories ARRI C300/C500 Grip Relocator is covering NAB 2013 with  a Canon Cinema EOS C1oo, Sennheiser EW100 Wireless Microphones, LitePanels MicroPro Light, &, most importantly, Hoodman SDHC Steel Cards for their LIFETIME WARRANTY & Rugged durability. Check us … Continued