Signs of the impending robot apocalypse: the Redrock Hālo

In the 2010’s, film and video announcements have gone a little stale: It’s usually more pixels, more frames, more stops, less (sometimes) money. But every now and then something that borders on sci-fi shows up and surprises us all. That was certainly the case with the Redrock Micro Halo, a focus assist tool that appears … Continued

Seriously? Now the batteries have gone pro?

If you’ve been into Filmtools you may have noticed a line of professional batteries by the counter. No, not Anton Bauer bricks or some new tech hydrogen fuel cell. These are good, old-fashioned AA’s, AAA’s and 9V radio batteries. Why would you bother with “Pro cells” when a regular alkaline will do the job? Well … Continued

Memory cards and the state of the art in solid state

You’re not George Lucas and you don’t have a virtual limitless budget. So you’ve probably been tempted by those generic memory cards for your camera, the ones that are half the price of the Sandisk or Delkin cards. Don’t do it. Really. Your memory card is the most vital link in the chain when it … Continued

The homemade Kino bank–is it for real?

Let’s face it: in the world of filmmaking indie and budget might as well be synonyms. Indie filmmakers are always looking for ways to get the same great looks as big budget productions, but without burning $20,000 an hour in on-set rentals and personnel. So if you google around you’ll find a whole bunch recipes … Continued

Blue or Green – what to choose?

This month we’ll be covering the process of creating green screen effects in detail, in honor of St Patrick’s day. Leading up to that, I thought I’d post a few thoughts on the logic behind the choice of bluescreen or greenscreen. If you’ve been around the biz for a few years, you may have noticed … Continued

Join Filmtools at Cine Gear Expo June 6th and 7th 2014

Filmtools will be at Cine Gear Expo this year showcasing several items from our showroom. Cine Gear Expo is the premier Motion Picture Industry Exposition in Southern California. Held annually at Paramount Studios this event brings in all the major names from the top brands in the business to some of the top production service providers. June 6th and 7th…

First look at the Transvideo RainbowHD SBL Alexa Kit

We are expanding our selection of monitors with the New RainbowHD SBL from Transvideo. For those unfamiliar with the brand Transvideo has been designing professional displays for the motion picture industry since 1985. You will often see their monitors mounted on Steadicam and Shoulder rigs because of their Avenger Leveler and bright screen. The super … Continued