Over 3000 Filmtools Gripper 3025 Camera Mounts Sold To Date

NOV 24 2007: BURBANK CA Filmtools recently surpassed the 3000 units sold mark for our Gripper 3025 Camera Mount. It’s popularity is due primarily due to its simplicity of use and quality of materials. We start out with a six inch vacuum cup with a 3/8-16″ threaded spud, (which has twice the shear strength of … Continued

Filmtools is home to the Two Dollar Bill

$2.00 Bills For over five years now, Filmtools has been giving two dollar bills to its cash customers as change. Why, you ask? You always remember where you receive a two dollar bill, especially if it is repetitive. “Handing them out in change costs us nothing in advertising dollars, yet our customers associate Filmtools with … Continued

Accu-Chart HDTV – High Definition Engineer’s Test Chart

The ACCU-CHART High Definition Test Chart is used to make a variety of performance measurements on cameras and other components. The Accu-Chart is compatible with current broadcast systems such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM as well as the latest HDTV systems. The chart contains test objects to facilitate the quantitative and qualitative measurement of the … Continued

Schneider 6-stop Netural Density Filter 68-041856

Filmtools now stocks the Schneider 4×5.650 (Panavision size) ND- 1.8 Filter. Those of you shooting Hi-Def have found that limiting your exposure to a 4-stop adjustment when using a Schneider 1.2 ND filter is just not enough, especially when you want a limited depth of field. Now you can open up 6 stops and shoot … Continued

HD EXPO. Nov 7th and 8th 2007

HD Expo– This is a “must attend” industry event. Come learn about new emerging technical information and see the latest technology in Hi-Def camera and editing equipment. Filmtools will be there showcasing the new Arri MB-20 II Matte Box system, the Arri FF-5HD Follow Focus, the new Arri Digi-Cine Baseplate and the coveted OConnor Ultimate … Continued

Give Your Red One Camera Something To Sit On

Now that you have your Red One, which is perhaps the finest Hi Def Camera on the planet, where are you going to put it? Well, if you’ve been reading some of the posts in the User’s groups, you’ve been reading about the new OConnor Ultimate 2060 HD Fluid Head Package (2060HD-PKG). You won’t want … Continued

Introducing the Filmtools.com Blog

Welcome to the Filmtools.com blog, where we will be posting articles, news bulletins, and points of discussion related to filmmaking products and the industry itself. Come back often as we will also be announcing limited-time coupons and sale promotions exclusive to blog readers! Thanks and enjoy, The Filmtools Staff

R.I.P. Permacel Gaffer Tape (1927-2007)

Shurtape has discontinued the name Permacel P-665 for all of its gaffer tape. However, Shurtape will continue to make Black, White, and Grey P-665 Gaffer Tape under the name Shurtape P-665. All other colors will be made by Pro-Tapes under their brand Pro-Gaffer which is labeled as Pro-Gaff. Clear as mud? We agree. — FLASH! … Continued