The Dana Dolly, now with curves

Back in the day, the only way to get a steady camera move was to rent a large, cumbersome dolly that needed two or three bodybuilders to push it around. Those days are thankfully gone and modern camera operators have a whole host of ways to move the camera. One of these is the Dana … Continued

Here comes the Boom

The art of holding a boom mic is tragically under appreciated. Most filmmakers know that sound is kind of a big deal, but even when they have the right gear still fail to capture good sound. Let’s get this out of the way right now: a boom mic that isn’t held inches away from the … Continued

The new G-Tech G-SPEED Studio XL

Whether you like it or not, the industry’s going 4K. Even if the end product is 2K many producers want to future-proof their content by working in 4K throughout the production chain. Of course, more pixels means more data. And more data means larger storage requirements. Fortunately for all of us, storage prices have dropped radically. … Continued

LaCie: Reinventing the portable workstation

Wasn’t long ago that editing HD video content required a small dedicated server room with a fiber RAID enclosure. That would set you back tens of thousands of dollars and tether your editing to an equally expensive office space. If you wanted to take your editorial on the road (or work on-location with the dailies) … Continued

The Mole-Richardson of LED lights

The first round of LED lighting products to hit the market got a bit of a bad wrap in the pro sector. Poor color reproduction, inconsistent color temperature and the weird dappled pattern made by the reflection of the LED banks sent many gaffers running for their traditional tungstens. When none less than Mole-Richardson steps into … Continued

Silent communication on set: the art of the earpiece

The secret service isn’t the only organization in need of discrete communication. Film sets and events require camera operators, directors and set workers to communicate without ending up on the soundtrack Filmtools provides a whole line of earpieces for those situations where a walkie talkie speaker is disruptive to the environment. Often referred to as … Continued

RODELink Filmmaker Wireless Lav System

Wireless audio is a necessary evil on most sets, especially when you have a short supply of professional boom operators. The problem with wireless is that in this crazy world of cell phones, walkie talkies, Bluetooth, WIFI, TV, radio and satellite there are so many tumor-inducing electromagnetic signals floating through the air that it’s easy … Continued

Manfrotto Digital Director for iPad Air

One of the most popular products to surface at NAB this year wasn’t a camera, lens, or even a light. It was an iPad/Camera interface that will help you take your production workflow to a whole new level. We present to you the Manfrotto Digital Director, winner of the coveted “Innovative Product of the Year” award … Continued

Fire-Proof Cinder Block Storage Solution?

Popular photography blog PetaPixel picked up a unique topic talked about by an even more popular photographer, Gary Fong. If you hadn’t heard, Gary lost his house and most of his possessions to a fire earlier this year and while he had the right mindset to have a fire-proof safe and other digital file management systems in … Continued