Get a Grip: Mounting Lights to a C-stand

When on set, using grip items for something they’re not intended to be used for is common. Very common… The main reason for this is that it’s just quick and, as long as it is relatively safe, “it’ll do for now.” Heck. Most grip items were created out of a need for a specific task, anyway.

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A normal practice seen on set is using a C-Stand arm to mount a light on the end. While it’s relatively safe and it’ll do for now, it’s probably not the best practice. Something that makes the C-Stand arm (or gobo arm for those who are looking for that term) so great is how light they are. While being constructed of metal, they’re hollow inside, making them weaker if you were to clamp down on it with weight. Not necessarily a safety issue but your gear definitely won’t last as long, as a result.


A really great product that Matthews Studio Equipment makes is the 6” Baby Pin with Collar. Rather than the quick fix on set, the collar pin is actually designed to be held by the grip head on the arm and then hold a light or other object without slipping from the grip head. It’s kind of like giving your grip head a magic finger with a full range of motion.


While this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking product or technological achievement, it is something that will help you out on set, which makes it just as important. Keep a few of these collar pins in your kit and you won’t have to worry about ruining your C-Stand arms and you’ll give yourself more options when mounting your lights as a result.

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  1. + Use a safety cable.
    Mount the baby pin vertical and hang the light from it. That way you can pan the light.
    Flip the lights yolk so the focusing knob is on the bottom, makes it easier to operate.

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