Filmtools Rolls Out New Products

We at Filmtools love bringing in new products and if they can have our name on it, we’re even happier. Our customers around town and all over the world seem to love our durable and competitively priced standards like our Junior and Senior Converted Carts and Filmtools-branded AC pouches, sandbags, and apple boxes.  Let’s not forget our awesome line of Teenie Weenie Grip Gear & Car Mounts.

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What we never seemed to find was a way to bring in high-quality gloves and gaffer tape. These are staples of the film industry but to carry the Filmtools name they need to meet our standards of excellence and affordability.

Finally, the search has ended.

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Let’s start off with the tape. Gaffer tape is expendable. You use it once, maybe twice, and then you pick it up and throw it away. (Pick up and throw away your tape, people. Don’t just leave it on the ground after you wrap). So what are your main objectives with your tape? Marking? Holding cables down? Keeping something out of the shot? Gaff tape is the set sidekick of the filmmaking super squad. No one gets anything done without Robin. Save a few bucks and try out the Filmtools brand. Let us know what you think! It’s a lofty idea to compare any gaff tape to the original P-665 (RIP) but everyone has their idea of the perfect gaff tape. The Filmtools Gaffers Tape comes in the 2” size in both black and white and runs a total of 150 feet to the Filmtools-branded core.

Next up is the gloves. Instead of going out and reinventing the glove, we just added our color palette and made them a bit more affordable. We worked with Dirty Rigger to come up with a set of durable and affordable gloves in their Comfort-Fit and Phoenix lines. Can you guess what the Phoenix gloves are for?



The Filmtools Comfort Glove is a lightweight and flexible set glove that is breathable for comfort yet durable enough to handle whatever your production requires. The snug fit minimizes snagging and the double-layered synthetic leather on palm helps for keeping a tight grip. The gloves feature double stitching as well as neoprene knuckle padding for added comfort. While they may not be as heat-protective as our Filmtools Phoenix Gloves (482°F!), they can handle your average barn door adjustments and other basic lighting fixtures. For the heavy-duty lighting jobs, check out those Filmtools Phoenix Gloves. They’ll be more up your alley.



Did you figure it out yet? Harry Potter? Greek Mythology? Arizona? They all have one thing in common. HOT (Harry Potter was hot at the box office AND it had a phoenix in it! Double points!). The Filmtools Phoenix Glove is what you use when you’re dealing with extremely hot lighting fixtures, car engines, or anything else under the 482°F threshold. They’ve been constructed with both protection and comfort in mind. On one side, you get a double-layered and padded palm to allow you to handle the heat, while the other side is just as breathable as the Comfort-Fit gloves with a bit more leather protection over the knuckles. DuPont Kevlar double-stitched seams make these gloves durable and reliable.


We’re constantly looking for new products to help make sure you get great products at great prices to help you create great content. We know you’ll like these and keep on the lookout for more from Filmtools!