A700 - Junior Boom Stand

Here Comes The Boom… Stand

When looking at a budget for purchasing gear, you have to look at what will give you the most bang for your buck. A major reason you find so many c-stands on sets is their versatility. They can do many different tasks without taking up so much room. The same goes for heavier grip stands. Junior combo stands are great because they offer you both junior and baby mounting abilities in one stand. It is like getting a two for one deal. But what if you could get a junior combo stand that also worked as a boom stand?  If you didn’t know about the Avenger Boom Stand 50, you will today! …if you already know about the stand, good for you! Tell your friends!


Weighing in at a modest 33lbs, you get a heavy duty, chrome-plated steel support stand that you can use either baby or junior mounts with. It has a leveling leg for uneven terrain, which is pretty convenient. As a normal, triple-riser stand, it can hit a maximum height of 196 inches and can handle up to 66lbs. If you just needed a junior combo stand, this is a quality stand that will get the job done.


The funky-looking handle on the stand has a purpose! Once you pull the riser enough out of the base, you have the option to go horizontal! A boom arm is living inside of this thing! Queue the Ooooos and Ahhhhs.

Pretty fancy, eh? Now you have what is considered in the entertainment industry as a triple-threat. No dancing, though… Baby, junior, and a boom stand in one package. Outfit your kit with a few of these and you have a versatile team of stands that can handle just about anything you throw at them.

The product photographers at Filmtools utilize the Avenger Boom Stand 50 for their set-up because of the ability to handle a Kino Flo Image 87 above their work space. They trust this stand enough to work under a very large light (counterbalanced, of course) without question. Three product pitches in one sentence? Sheesh. Go check out the stand. Think of it as a heavy-duty c-stand (four pitches…) for just about every situation.

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