Sometimes, all you really need is a really good looking monitor for a clear reference or even a client. Enter the market-established AC7-OLED from SmallHD. An extremely rugged (we’ll get to that later), lightweight, and beautiful OLED monitor for everyone. While the AC7-OLED is not a newcomer to the industry, it definitely still packs a punch where it counts and is reliable for the user. The extremely beautiful OLED display keeps you engaged while being lightweight and consuming less power than the competition.


With so much production being on location, having a monitor that doesn’t draw much power while on battery is a great tool, especially when it’s a luxury item (like a client monitor). The AC7-OLED has the ability to run off of standard Canon LP-E6, Panasonic CGA-D54, or even Anton Bauer Gold Mount batteries.


The native resolution of 1280×800 (720p) may not make you jump out of your seats, but on an OLED, the AC7 is a very clear monitor to even pull focus on. The size of 7.7 inches helps, as well. Running a drone, monitoring a Steadicam (or gimbal), or dolly push, and letting your client see the shot are all great uses if you don’t need it on the camera.


Having a good looking monitor is one thing. It makes you feel good about yourself when you hand it off to your client so they can see what you’re seeing. Unfortunately, handing off your $1000 monitor to an inexperienced person isn’t a great feeling. You’re constantly side-eying your client to make sure they’re respecting your gear like a newborn child and you’re silently praying that they don’t accidentally drop your baby. Well, fear no more! Watch the video for more on this.

YouTube Preview Image

See? You’re gonna be fine.



Something that has been mentioned is the idea of using this monitor as a client monitor. Check out this quick video for a great reason to pair this with the SmallHD 500 and 700 series monitors:

YouTube Preview Image

That’s pretty useful. Downstream LUT additions for your client monitor? No more “is this supposed to look dull and lifeless?” or “I don’t like the look of this at all!” from your clients! Save the time and hassle of explaining LOG to your clients! Run a SmallHD 502 as your on-camera monitor, pair it with the Teradek system of wireless transmitters, hand your customer the AC7-OLED and an Anton Bauer Digital 150 and put them in a corner so you can get to work! You’re welcome.

There may be monitors with higher resolution on the market and probably ones with more functions. But when you want a reliable, lightweight, and accurate monitor that fits your budget, the AC7-OLED deserves a long look at joining your crew.

Here are the manufacturer tech specs (or you could just click here):


Panel Type OLED
Size Diagonal 7.7
Resolution 1280×800 (720p)
Pixel Density (PPI) 196
Aspect Ratio 16:10 Native, 16:9 Video Image
Active Area 7.7 in
Brightness 250 cd/m2
Contrast 10,000:1
Color Gamut 100%+ NTSC (100% Rec 709)
Color Depth 24 Bit (8bpc)
Viewing Angle 160+

Input Signal Types/Formats

HD-SDI 1080p30/25/24, 1090psf30/25/34, 1080i30/25, 720p60/50, 576p25, 576i25, 480p30, 480i30
HDMI 1080p60/50/30/25/24, 1090psf30/25, 1080i30/15, 720p60/50, 576p25, 576i25, 480p30, 480i30
Component 1080i30/25, 720p60/50, 576p25, 576i25, 480p30, 480i30
Composite 576p25, 576i25, 480p30, 480i30

Output Signal Types/Formats

HD-SDI 1080p30/25/24, 1090psf30/25/34, 1080i30/25, 720p60/50, 576p25, 576i25, 480p30, 480i30

Connector Type

SDI 1 SDI (in), 1 SDI (out)
HDMI 1 HDMI (in)
Component 1 YPbPr (in)
Composite 1 CVBS (in)
Audio N/A
Power Hirose (Locking)
USB 5 VDC @ 1A


Primary Control Interface Scroll Wheel with 2 Multi-Function Buttons
User Defined Functions 2 Multi-Function Buttons

Data I/O

USB Firmware Updates Only


Connector Type Barrel & Locking Hirose
Voltage 7v – 18v DC
Power Consumption 12 watts
Battery Plate Included N/A
Recommended Power Supply Input: 110-240v, Output: AC12v DC / 2A, US Style 2 Pin (no Ground)
Battery Types Optional: Canon LP-E6, Anton Bauer Gold Mount, Panasonic CGA-D54


Compliance CE
Operating Temperature 30F to 90F
Storage Temperature 0F to 120F
Screen Protection Includes: Impact resistant Gorilla Glass screen protection. Optional: Scratch Protector
Height 5.1″ (12.95cm)
Width 7.9″ (20.07cm)
Depth/Length .9″ (2.29cm)
Weight (Item Only without battery) 13.8oz (391.22g)
Weight (Packaged) 32oz (907.18g)
Mount Points (2) ¼-20 thread points (top & bottom)
Construction Aluminum Skeleton + Rubberized ABS Housing +Gorilla Glass Screen


Pixel Zoom (type) 1:1 Pixel Mapping, 2X Zoom
Frame Guides Yes
DSLR Scale Canon, Nikon
Custom Scale Yes
Anamorphic De-Squeeze Yes
Image Flip (Manual/Automatic) Yes
Focus Assist (Colors) Yes
Peaking Yes
False Color Yes
Image Capture Freeze ONLY no Capture
Blue Only Yes
Firmware User Upgradable