What’s your kit in?

When you first catch the DSLR filmmaking bug every penny goes to the best gear you can afford. But very quickly you come to discover AdvancedBackpack1that you need somewhere to put it. Somewhere portable. And somewhere between asking your significant other to nurse your favorite lens in their lap and discovering that you forgot to pack memory cards, you realize that the unassuming section of the Filmtools store dedicated to AdvancedBackpack2camera bags is starting to catch your eye. And where days before you were drooling over fast glass, now you’re dreaming of easy access pockets.

Camera bags have come a long way since the days of the Kodak Brownie. Companies like Manfrotto have almost turned cradling your precious lenses and filters into an art form. A perfect example is the Manfrotto Advanced Travel Backpack.
This backpack can squeeze just about every conceivable piece of gear for your DSLR into a compact, well-cushioned bag. For AdvancedBackpack3starters, you’ve got dedicated room for your DSLR with attached lens and two additional lenses. Then you can adjust the dividers to fit your gear of choice.

Your 13” laptop slides nicely into the rear pocket, but possibly the best part is the side access panel. It allows you to grab your DSLR and lenses without having to open the entire case. Oh, and there’s even room to squeeze one of Manfrotto’s Befree Compact tripods.

So while a new camera bag won’t improve the look of your shot, it makes getting to the shoot a whole lot easier.