RODELink Filmmaker Wireless Lav System

Wireless audio is a necessary evil on most sets, especially when you have a short supply of professional boom operators. The problem with wireless is that in this crazy world of cell phones, walkie talkies, Bluetooth, WIFI, TV, radio and satellite there are so many tumor-inducing electromagnetic signals floating through the air that it’s easy for youRodeLinkr perfect take to be crippled by interference of drop-outs.

Fortunately, RODE has come to the rescue with a high fidelity wireless lavaliere solution at an extremely affordable price point. What’s their solution to the signal dropout and interference issue? A 128-bit encrypted signal that constantly switches to the most reliable frequency at any given moment.

How well does it work? Very well actually. In all the initial test that have come in, the mic performs flawlessly when used within the advertised range of 100 metres.

The actual audio quality is equally impressive, something that shouldn’t come as a surprise to people familiar with Rode’s other mics.

yoAre there any downsides? Well, to avoid bulky external antennas the system antennas are housed inside the chassis of the receiver and transmitter. That’s fine for the receiver; for the transmitter it means a slightly bulkier pack for  to hide on your talent. You’ll want to consider that before miking up the cocktail waitress.

RodeLinkOutputThe other thing that’s ‘missing’ from the kit is an XLR output. You’ll need an additional 3.5 mm to XLR adaptor for any pro gear you’re trying to record to.

On the topic of the kit, it includes a standard lav pop filter and very generously a fur wind shield for those blustery tornado shots.
Given the quality for the very reasonable price, the RODELink Filmmaker is more than likely to become the new de facto standard for wireless lavalier audio.