Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion Tour heads to Los Angeles June 15th!

Sunday June 15th Vincent Laforet’s Directing Motion Tour is coming to Los Angeles.  This tour was created, conceived, and is hosted by Vincent Laforet, produced by MZed and locally sponsored by Filmtools. This Full day Workshop runs from 9am-4pm and 5pm-8pm this event will be in two parts and guests will have the option to attend the morning class, evening class, or both. Attendees who go for the whole session will also recieve a DVD of the event so they can always go back and study the great lesson learned from this workshop.


Several Months ago Pulitzer-Prize winning Photographer turned Filmmaker Vincent Laforet suffered a badly broken arm. Out of this Unfortunate accident came a silver lining. Vincent saw this as an opportunity to sit down and systematically analyze over 100 criterion films and the motion contained in them. By dissecting famous scenes from directors like Hitchcock, Spielberg, Scorsese, Welles, and others legendary filmmakers Laforet has constructed this six part workshop. Designed to deliver filmmakers with the knowledge they need to convey a story through motivated camera movements that progress the story line, and giving attendees the skills they need to run their set.

“You will step away from this experience with a solid foundation in camera movement, blocking, lensing, and sequencing, and be able to direct any crew precisely and effectively to execute your vision. By understanding these principles thoroughly, you will add impact to your projects, from commercials through to webisodes, features, shorts, events, or documentaries.”                           – Vincent Laforet.


With subjects like explaining basics of film language and motivated camera movements Laforet touches on the psychology of camera angles, eye-lines and lens selections. Even those aware of these principals will benefit from seeing them deconstructed while in discussion with their peers. “The purpose of the tour, is to focus on the most important aspects on how, when, and why we move the camera and to what effect,” says Laforet. This workshop may also be a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with many film techniques used by directors to influence the way a scene is perceived and how it progresses the storyline.

This is a great opportunity for anyone experienced or new to the industry and interested in improving their directing, cinematography, or just become more knowledgeable while on-set. Filmmakers looking to move from the freelance solo work to set work with crews will benefit from learning the core building blocks of running a set as well as the construction of a set with the intent to engage the audience. Vincent will also discuss universal rules to abide by to make sure you never fall short on coverage. For more information on this indespensible Workshop follow the link below.


 To sign up, and reserve your spot visit: