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The Versatile, Bright Limelite



Many videographers and photographers are quickly deciding the LED 1×1 is their top choice for ease of set up, quality of light, and modular design.

Limelite Mosaic Bi-Color 1'x1' LED
Limelite Mosaic Bi-Color 1’x1′ LED

The Mosaic by Limelite is a 1×1 LED light fixture that creates an ultra bright soft even light. Pushing 2400 to 5200 LUX of high-quality light the Mosaic is one of the brightest LED’s on the market. Limelite is a Bowens Company and has been in the Photographic equipment business for a long time. This system is perfect for filmmakers looking for a simple light set up that can provide soft even light on skin for interviews. The light is easily adjusted by either full DMX in/out integration or the digital control panel on the back. The power can be supplied by any AC wall outlet or DC simply with the addition of an Anton Bauer or V-mount battery adapter.

Built with an ƒ-stop Mode for photographers it’s easy to take full advantage of the soft even light provided by the Limelite Mosaics. Being LED’s these lights don’t produce much heat and help keep your subjects cool and happy while working. This is a great help for simplifying small product photography, portraits and weddings. Capable of creating soft light with enough power to light your subjects, the Mosaic 1×1 is at home in studio or on location.

Why Buy the Limelite Mosaic 1×1?

Lighting on location can be difficult with traditional lights often working with limited power or space. Frequently moving from one location to another or setting up quick interviews shooting with time constraints can make it difficult to set up quick soft lighting. This has made the 1×1’s are becoming the preferred lights for ENG (Electronic News Gathering) teams needing quick lights with a low draw. With ENG teams V-mount and Anton Bauer are the common power source. For this reason many other videographers have turned to the 1×1 LED for location work as well.

The Limelite comes in 5600K Daylight, 3000K Tungsten, and 2800 to 5600K Bi-Color. The Fixture is complimented by  a full line of  accessories including BarndoorsColor FX Filter KitColor Control Filter SetAB Battery PlateV-Lock Battery Plate and 2 Panel Carrying Case.

Limelite Mosaic Accessories

Metal construction and optional Carrying Case makes the Mosaic fixture durable while the modular design means they are compact and easy to transport. Reality, documentaries, corporate, wedding, ENG, and online content often use LED 1×1 for their economical value, ease of use, and quality. The versatility of the Mosaic 1×1 is what makes these a powerhouse for any creative working with limited time or budget.

Purchasing tips:
1. If you buy the battery plate separately you will save money
2. Bi-color is only $50 more and provides adjustable color from 2800K to 5600K

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