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GoPro Hero3+ vs. The GoPro Hero 3 Comparison

When you hear GoPro you know something fun is about to happen,

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The evolution of the GoPro Hero has continued with the Hero3+. From battery life to angle of view the new GoPro Hero3+ has proven again why they are at the top of their class. From the outside, the camera itself seems only the labeling is different, but don’t be fooled by the minimal external changes, but a closer look of the lens and you’ll see a slight difference hinting that this GoPro is packed with improvements.

To start, the first major updates are the 20% lighter and smaller cage over the previous hero Slimming it’s profile within the standard housing configuration. This new housing however, does not fit the previous housing backs included with the LCD backpack and Floaty Backdoor. Back to that Glass, the improved optics give a 33% increase in sharpness and 2x reduction in imaging artifacts giving you a crisp detail with less chromatic aberration. The new Hero3+ also features a viewing angle called “Superview” allowing an immersive vantage point for the viewer.

Capable of shooting 4K at15p which is perfect for time-lapses applications and 2.7K at 30p allowing the use of 2.7K for maximizing information and creating higher quality images. The improved high frame rates are also an advantage 1440/48p, 1080/60p, 960/100p, 720/120p stop the blur in your fast paced action and give you more flexibility while editing your final product. These high frame rates can be used in combination with their new Auto low-Light function to compensate for changes in light conditions without having to stop the action and adjust the camera manually. The function does this by dropping down frame rates 48p-24p to allow for a slower exposure.

Internal electronics have been given an overhaul as Wi-Fi has been boosted 4x giving an almost real-time previews for the mobile app while remotely controlling as many as 50 cameras up too 600ft. The efficiency of the battery life has been extended by 30% in the new model while still utilizing the same battery. Audio got a boost as well with new advanced wind noise reduction technology. Location of the microphone has also been changed to the top of the camera rather than the side next to it’ USB port. Photo mode also captures 12MP stills at 30 frames per second building action sequences and “stacked” composite action photography.

Ultimately, this new GoPro Hero3+ features extensive improvements within the camera creating significantly higher quality footage straight out of the camera. Functionality, efficiency, and performance have been dramatically improved over the previous model while maintaining its basic familiar 3-button power-packed block form.

Included in this blog are some sample shots with a a quick clip of the improved audio. We had a great experience filming with the new GoPro, and found the improvements minimal externally but gratifyingly different on the inside. Microphone relocation has caused basically no issues and all the previous HERO3 gear seems to fit perfectly.

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