Video: Teenie Weenie Grip Gear – PART 1: Components to Build Your Rig

It’s Teenie Weenie Grip Gear Week! In this video (Part 1 of 4), Filmtools President, Stan McClain, gives us a basic introduction to Filmtools’ own brand of 3/8″ grip rigging gear called “Teenie Weenie”.  Tomorrow we’ll be launching PART 2: Building A Hood Mount, and stay tuned all week as we’re covering a variety of Teenie Weenie car mount rigging options.

About Teenie Weenie

In the past, the film industry standard, as far as rigging goes, has often been 5/8″ piping and numerous connectors and accessories that work with it. But as filmmaking equipment has gotten gradually smaller – the cameras, the lights, etc – we now have the ability to use light weight aluminum rods.

This is where Teenie Weenie Grip Gear comes in.  A treasure trove of modular pieces, all designed to interact with the 3/8″ standard. There are mini grip heads, rods, receivers, and adapters, both threaded and non-threaded. The threads are 3/8″-16, same as the larger of the two industry standard tripod thread sizes.

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