Gizmodo Covers DSLR Filmmaking

DSLR Film making has taken the industry by storm and now it’s fully hitting the consumer level too. Popular tech blog, posted a simple article this week titled “6 Tools to Make a Cinematic Masterpiece With a DSLR.” In it, are 6 (surprised?) items that are all available at the Filmtools store in Burbank, CA and online at!

Here are the items:

  1. Canon 5D MkII
  2. Canon 35mm f/1.4 Lens
  3. Lensbaby Movie Makers Kit (Coming soon)
  4. Dot Line DSLR LED Light
  5. Steadicam Merlin
  6. Hoodman Hoodloupe

One response to “Gizmodo Covers DSLR Filmmaking

  1. That line-up was okay last year, I suppose. This year, it’s the Sony translucent mirror HDSLTs, the Alpha 65 and Alpha 77. Or the hack patched Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2 (176Mb/sec capture bitrate is so sweet). Noktor F0.95 lenses are also sweet.

    Gizmodo is a bit behind the digital times on this one, it seems.

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