Filmtools is home to the Two Dollar Bill

$2.00 Bills

For over five years now, Filmtools has been giving two dollar bills to its cash customers as change. Why, you ask?

You always remember where you receive a two dollar bill, especially if it is repetitive. “Handing them out in change costs us nothing in advertising dollars, yet our customers associate Filmtools with those unique bills.”

In years past you’d receive $2.00 bills tucked in with a birthday card… or maybe as a gift at Christmas. According to a 2006 Reuters article, the Two Dollar Bill has doubled in popularity for a number of reasons, including the fact that they take up half as much space in your wallet as the One Dollar Bill. They are also very popular at strip clubs, where the waitresses hand them out in change…then in turn the $2.00 bills are given back to the dancers waitresses and bar tenders. At some clubs the dancers report a significant increase in tips with the two dollar bills.

One of the best stories about a two dollar bill and Taco Bell is verified by snopes.

My favorite $2.00 bill story was told to me in the late 1970’s when I had just started working as a camera assistant. There was a feature film production company from Hollywood that had settled into a small little town in Oregon for a few months. Some of the local people thought that with the exception of the local bar in town, no one was profiting from the film company being present, and many people wished the company to leave, as they were taking their toll on many of the single and even married women. The town was not happy. The astute Unit Production manager then decided to convert all of the petty cash into $2.00 bills and even offered the crew to cash their checks in the $2.00 bills as well. It didn’t take long before the grocery store, gas station, barber, hardware store, liquor store and restaurants were flooded with the $2.00 bills. But it went further. The Barber bought flowers for his wife’s birthday with the two dollar bills, and a resident paid a parking ticket with $2.00 bills as well. In only a few short weeks, virtually everyone in town had at least one $2.00 bill in their pocket. The experiment provided a visual representation on how currency from one source can effect an entire community. When the film company found that it needed to stay one more week, there were few objections.

Need some Two dollar bills? Don’t pay extra for them (there are sites on the internet that sell them for $4.00 each) just stop by Filmtools, pay cash for your film and video supplies, and you’ll receive two dollar bills in change.

Filmtools is located in Burbank California.

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2 Dollar Bills

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  1. That’s a great thing to do. I have been doing the same, only in tipping people at resturants or other places, they always remeber you. (I also use half dollars every now and then as well with the $2 bills). At one point I had to pay for some groceries in $2 bills and the cashier was like “are you sure you want to do that?” I was like “absolutely” 😉

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    1. Hello Garrett,
      You can ask your bank to order $2 for you. It usually takes a couple of days.

      Good luck, just ask.

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