Accu-Chart HDTV – High Definition Engineer’s Test Chart

Accu-Chart HDTV - High Definition Engineer’s  Test Chart

The ACCU-CHART High Definition Test Chart is used to make a variety of performance measurements on cameras and other components. The Accu-Chart is compatible with current broadcast systems such as NTSC, PAL and SECAM as well as the latest HDTV systems.

The chart contains test objects to facilitate the quantitative and qualitative measurement of the following system properties: Color Rendition, Focus, Shading, Linearity, Resolution, Registration, Grey Level Response, and Frequency Response. Although the dimensions of the active area of the chart are 16″ by 9″ (conforming to the 16:9 aspect ratio), the Accu-Chart can still be used for standard 4:3 aspect ratio systems by imaging the central portion of the chart. This facilitates the measurement of Registration, Grey Level Response and Frequency Response in a 4:3 environment.

Insure that your image is correctly balanced before you commit it to tape or digital storage; Shoot your Accu-Chart first and dial in your settings. Available at Filmtools

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