Schneider 6-stop Netural Density Filter 68-041856

Schneider FiltersFilmtools now stocks the Schneider 4×5.650 (Panavision size) ND- 1.8 Filter. Those of you shooting Hi-Def have found that limiting your exposure to a 4-stop adjustment when using a Schneider 1.2 ND filter is just not enough, especially when you want a limited depth of field. Now you can open up 6 stops and shoot at T4 to T5.6 in full sunlight.

Filmtools has the best selection of Schneider 5.650 x 5.650 square filters on the West Coast, including hard and soft ND Grads. This has proven to be the most requested size filter for use on the Red One Camera when needing a graduated filter. Filmtools stocks N.3, N.6 N.9 and N1.2 Soft and hard edged 5.650×5.650 Schneider Graduated Filters.

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