Give Your Red One Camera Something To Sit On

Now that you have your Red One, which is perhaps the finest Hi Def Camera on the planet, where are you going to put it? Well, if you’ve been reading some of the posts in the User’s groups, you’ve been reading about the new OConnor Ultimate 2060 HD Fluid Head Package (2060HD-PKG). You won’t want to operate that camera with just any old fluid head. You’re going to want the smoothest head made. You’re going to want an OConnor. Come visit us. Bring your camera and check it out!

Look no further than Filmtools for all of your Red One after-market Accessories, including the most sought after Matte Box; The Arri MB-20II , and the new Arri Follow Focus 5.

Most of you know now that Filmtools has the best selection of camera equipment carts anywhere and priced to sell, so come on in to our store and take a look around and ask questions. You might even run into some friends ( we see it happen everyday) and kindle an old relationship as well.

OConnor 2060HD