R.I.P. Permacel Gaffer Tape (1927-2007)

R.I.P. Permacel Gaffer Tape

Shurtape has discontinued the name Permacel P-665 for all of its gaffer tape. However, Shurtape will continue to make Black, White, and Grey P-665 Gaffer Tape under the name Shurtape P-665. All other colors will be made by Pro-Tapes under their brand Pro-Gaffer which is labeled as Pro-Gaff.

Clear as mud? We agree.

FLASH! Hollywood mourns the loss of it’s motion picture industry giant Permacel Gaffer Tape. The 80 year old tape was quietly put to rest by its new foster parents, Shurtape earlier this year, without notification or services.

Over at the new Local 80 home, located at the corner of Buena Vista and Olive in Burbank, the flag was immediately lowered to half mast… out of work grips were visibly shaken at the news. Chainsaw Timmy was seen weeping while reading the Hollywood Repeater article. Everyone knows that Chainsaw Timmy was notorious for dealing with problems at hand with his chainsaw… When all was said and done, he’d put things back together with Permacel Gaffer Tape and bailing wire.

An underwater camera technician, known only as Wayne, was in total disbelief. “If we had only known… maybe we could have done something to save it”, he stated while slumped over a table, staring into a shot glass of Captain Morgan.

“I was shocked at the news” stated butt-crack Bob, a well respected Juicer on many of the Hollywood Westerns, during the 40’s and 50’s. “Back in the day we used Permacel for everything… mended hitchin’ posts, wagon wheel spokes, even used it as electrician’s tape in a pinch… and talking about a pinch… did’ya ever chew that stuff?…..”

It was disclosed to us that California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called a press conference and our sources quote him as saying “This is truly a very sad day for all of Hollywood, and the motion picture industry.”

It is still not quite clear on why Shurtape killed the Golden Goose that gave birth to the most recognized name in Gaffer Tape… Permacel.

Permacel P-665 Gaffer Tape


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  1. Was the tape discontinued or is it just being sold under a different name? Based on your article has been a tape used for a long time, in that time I bet you have been able to improve is that they it was removed?

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