Get a Grip: Going Vertical With Sliders

The awesomeness of a traditional slider is based on the fact that it slides the camera from one point to the other. Whether you’re moving in and out or left to right, you’re limited to the horizontal plane.  What happens if you want to pedestal up or down? Normally this means either attaching a second … Continued

Get a Grip: Mounting Lights to a C-stand

When on set, using grip items for something they’re not intended to be used for is common. Very common… The main reason for this is that it’s just quick and, as long as it is relatively safe, “it’ll do for now.” Heck. Most grip items were created out of a need for a specific task, anyway. … Continued

Filmtools Rolls Out New Products

We at Filmtools love bringing in new products and if they can have our name on it, we’re even happier. Our customers around town and all over the world seem to love our durable and competitively priced standards like our Junior and Senior Converted Carts and Filmtools-branded AC pouches, sandbags, and apple boxes.  Let’s not … Continued

The VFX secret weapon you may already own: your VR rig

The VFX supervisor is not the most loved part of the production crew. They’re constantly holding things up, making people move huge chunks of set around and generally holding up expensive shoots causing expensive actors to wait around eating expensive catered food. But there’s a good reason for all that pedantry: it can amount to … Continued

Here Comes The Boom… Stand

When looking at a budget for purchasing gear, you have to look at what will give you the most bang for your buck. A major reason you find so many c-stands on sets is their versatility. They can do many different tasks without taking up so much room. The same goes for heavier grip stands. … Continued

Framing and the art of cinema

Cinema has a language. It’s written into the subconscious of filmgoers and TV viewers through exposure to more than a century of visual storytelling. There’s the high angle communicating the subservient stature of a character, the rapid blinking light signifying an imminent explosion, or the slight dutch tilt of a camera indicating that all is … Continued

Shedding Light On Manfrotto’s LED Lineup

Manfrotto has been doing something pretty cool for a little while now. They’re doing their best to ditch this pattern we see of high quality lighting products that cost a ton of money. They’ve teamed up with their popular and (more importantly) reliable sister company, Litepanels to power their good looking fixtures to give you … Continued

Camera support – the power of sticks

People seem to spend a whole lot of time these days vacillating over what camera to buy, but much less time worrying about what they’re going to stick the thing on. That may be exactly the wrong way to look at things. You see, with the help of a decent lens you should be able … Continued


Sometimes, all you really need is a really good looking monitor for a clear reference or even a client. Enter the market-established AC7-OLED from SmallHD. An extremely rugged (we’ll get to that later), lightweight, and beautiful OLED monitor for everyone. While the AC7-OLED is not a newcomer to the industry, it definitely still packs a … Continued

Order in the chaos: a guide to keeping organized on set

The easiest way to save time while on set is to arrive organized. Pre-production doesn’t stop at the script level. It’s a thorough process that runs all the way up to what goes in your bags. This requires thinking about how you operate, what you need (and don’t need), and what makes sense to you. … Continued